Auto Flex Coatings :

It looks, feels and can be treated like automotive paint, is fuel and scratch resistant, and the high gloss is easily on par with that achieved by OEM paints. It can be Sanded, Buffed & Polished just like OEM Paint. AutoFlex doesn’t require seams, there’s no cutting, no adhesive, no lifting or curling or corners, and offers the ability to mix and make almost any color/finish you can think of. And whats best is its peelable giving you 3-5 years & after that it peels off leaving your OEM untouched.

Vinyl Wrapping :

​Known as "Car Wrapping" or "Vehicle Wrapping" this is a process of transforming the color and overall look  of your car by applying large sheets of colored vinyl film to each individual panel on the car.

The vinyl film is applied with extreme precision and skill and can only be carried out by highly trained staff. The vinyl film takes the shape of the panel is applied to and our expert installation ensures no bubbles or creases and unmatched color depth and shine for years to come.

Having your vehicles , rv, etc vinyl wrapped will completely change the appearance & visual styling as well as protecting your paintwork from stone chips and fading.
Our vinyls are designed and applied to look like paint, you wouldn't notice it was there.


Anyone knows changing a color on a vehicle or any ride can be pricey.

With vinyl and auto flex coatings that has changed that. It allows you to change a color or customize your ride at half the cost. 

Our Detailing team can clean that interior restoring it to new again. Exterior getting those swirls or scratches out and making that ride shine again. A ride is like anything if left unmaintained it will not last.


What we offer


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